Our Story – Baby Yank

A Passion for Play and Early Childhood Development

Toys that grow with your child

Baby Yank is committed to create toys that stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity at every phase of their growth. The age-specific toys enable sensory stimulation and facilitates development of motor skills, analytical skills, problem-solving skills, socio-emotional and language skills.

Known for their durability compared to plastic toys, they can stand for generations offering a consistent learning opportunities to the children of your family.

Let them Play Spontaneously

We believe in the idea that play should be spontaneous. Fancy toys and superficial gadgets focus more on functionality, restricting children from self-directed playing. On the other hand, ours are open-ended toys that enable self-directed play. Because that’s how children learn by themselves from things around them.This engages both their mind and body, manifesting as a holistic learning experience.

Our Values

Made of 100% Natural Wood

We source high-quality Neem wood, Ivory wood, beach wood, and rubber wood from sustainable forests, pledging to replant and replace what we use.

Crafted by Skilled Indian Artisans

Highly skilled generations of local artisans craft these toys with their hands with great precision. Their profound hand painting reflects in the design of our toys.

Prudently Child Safe Play

Our paints are water-based, contains no lead and completely non-toxic. For polishing, we use beeswax or natural oil & all our toys are designed to have smooth edges.

Fosters your Childs imagination & Creativity

Unlike electronic toys , all our toys are Unstructured/Open-ended toys meaning a child can play with them in the way they want, We focus on the importance of imagination of a child & not knowledge.

Support Crafts Community

By promoting traditional wooden toys, we support a community of traditional toy makers. Their profound craftsmanship reflects in the design of our toys.

Our Artisan Community

This process takes time and hard work of many people who put their efforts in designing and painting these toys by hand which make every single piece of toy a different art piece. We have been providing sustainable livelihoods on a consistent basis to artisan partners and also other craft clusters within India.
Traditionally used to make wooden toys, this toy craft requires tremendous skill and precision.

Creating More than Toys: How Baby Yank Supports Local Artisans

Every wooden toy from Baby Yank is a result of a collective effort that takes time, patience, precision, and profound craftsmanship. Our toys are designed, shaped, sanded, and coloured by local craftspeople who have dedicated themselves to the craft for more than years.

We promote the craft by consistently providing a sustainable livelihood to our artisan partners in various regions of India. We believe that this collaboration not only uplifts the artisans’ life but also contributes to preserving the wooden toy craft that is part of our culture.

  • Uplifting artisan communities.
  • Empowering women artisans.
  • Constant employment opportunities.

Options are aplenty for engaging and educating your child

Explore our wide range of wooden toys that your child would fall in love with.